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[Pinned] A few basic rules

Just wanted to point out a few things:First priority in our legion is to have phun playing this game but considering that we are a 3rd legion on Kahrun also, we need to be just a bit more organised.. First step is to reg on this forum, second is t...
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[Pinned] Silver Medals
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[Pinned] Silver Medals

As most of u know, Lemos and Tene from Fait Lux have decided to share spoils of war with other legions including ours. Because i was in contact with them during that raid, they are aware we had full alliance so we got most of the medals.. I think ...
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Lets Talk About General Discussion

What are people doing nowadays?

Heya all Subou here.So what's changed in the past god knows how many months?I've become an english teacher in Thailand. Teaching 6-11yr olds, living the pedobear dream. What about you guys?
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GOLA - The original sports brand - Discuss.

Saw it on a customer last night, and took a pic of it :D
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Real life pics!!!!

Post your real life pics if you dare :))) Ill get this thread started.
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'the show us your wheels thread'

i was curious about what y'all are driving , so dont be shy and show us your car / bike / pimpmobile / crouchrocket / moped / trycicle what ive been driving last 2 years ;2008 yamaha xt660x
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How many gingers do we have in legion?

Joe i know u are out there!
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Temporary Inactiveness

ima off to the US

HI!!since u know , i have been kinda inactive lately that reason is that i have still no good internet connection,but ima gonna go on vacation tomorow to gonna go disney world daytona beach fort lauderdale MIAMI everglade and stuff cya...
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Hi, I am NEWI am NeuroI am 8And i like Animals
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Lets Talk About General Discussion

Hi, I'm new :D

well, not so much, but new to the forum :Dhow r u guys doing? :D imo convinced me to register here, so if I mess up, blame on her!<3kkthxbb!
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Off Topic Caps Lock Cruise Control

Exe and Kaa
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Off Topic Caps Lock Cruise Control

For Manda <3

This one is for you ;D
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O9K Hymn
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DANCING FAGS fags + mando's moobs
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Templar Bodyguard macro

/Select [%Target'sTarget]/Quickbar 3 1 7/g [%Target] is under Bodyguard for next 30 seconds :) Relax and dance :p/Select [%PreviousTarget]
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