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Temporary Inactiveness

ima off to the US

HI!!since u know , i have been kinda inactive lately that reason is that i have still no good internet connection,but ima gonna go on vacation tomorow to gonna go disney world daytona beach fort lauderdale MIAMI everglade and stuff cya...
Member avatar small claricea 11y
claricea51526Member avatar small claricea 10y
Temporary Inactiveness

Inactivity: Road to Salerno (Italy)

Uela!I'll be inactive for 2 weeks (until 24-25 of July) for a good old trip to Salerno in Italy in order to relax with the sound and the breeze of the sea.And for pizza too.Cya!
Small Renshi 12y
Renshi1389Small Renshi 12y
Temporary Inactiveness

Exam and Revision

Will be very busy till the end of the academic year, will come online on the weekends for brief periods. Till then Happy Grinding!
Small Zetsubou 12y
Zetsubou121373Small Cmok 12y
Temporary Inactiveness

Will be taking break

Right guys, after my current sub runs out at the end of the month I will be taking a break for month or two or maybe just quit altogether.the amount of time needed for instances now is just way too much for my likin and solo grinding is just not f...
Member avatar small Niiro 12y
Niiro7966Small Mandarina 12y
Temporary Inactiveness

Big problems at home

Hey guy'ssorry for my absence this past two weeks but i have run into troubla at home and with pcFirst my installation for hot water exploded on me cause a fault in the safety , i had a lot of water and steam dmg at home and am cleaning and repear...
Small Jerome 12y
Jerome1400Small Jerome 12y
Temporary Inactiveness

uninstalled aion

i have uninstalled aion,i won't play it in near future for sure..the thing i will miss the most is legion chat,it was a pleasure guys.happy new year !
Small Cmok 12y
Cmok81800Small Cmok 12y
Temporary Inactiveness

Giving up

Im throwing in the towel I cant put up with being the tank anymore and I have done the starting place so many times its unreal, it has been a lot of fun playing with u guys but there just so many prats on the server trying to tell me what to do ev...
Small Kenoki 12y
Kenoki4658Member avatar small Niiro 12y
Temporary Inactiveness

Away till after new yr

my parents pc is supah crap connection n specs, will try n download it.
Small Zetsubou 12y
Zetsubou3637Small Raikiri 12y
Temporary Inactiveness

Little time offline

This week i am starting a new job and this combined with the new pc i m gonna buy wil make that i wont be online much for the next week , I am also gonna pass my drivers license , finally at 30 years old :)A lot off stuff to take care of so cya gu...
Small Jerome 12y
Jerome1371Small Jerome 12y
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